Sherry crafters since 1772, Bodegas Osborne pays homage to a long winemaking tradition with the release of the Osborne Vermouth. This luscious liquour uniquely blends the sweet and creamy character of Medium and PX Sherroes with locally sourced botanicals such wormwood, dittany and bitter orange peel.

Osborne’s take on Vermouth with a genuine andalusian character.


Colour: mahogany-red with orange flares. Bright and intense.
Bouquet: complex aroma with istinctive oxidative ageing notes bestowed by the traditional Criaderas and Soleras system. Spiced hints of wormwood enhanced by subtle notes of dittany, cinnamon, nutmeg and bitter orange peel.
Palate: unctuous and velvety, offering a great balance between the bitterness of the botanicals and the nutty notes of sherry wines.

Alcohol: 15% ABV
Cont: 75cl

Ver Ficha