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Wholehand-carved Cinco Jotas ham

With an entire hand-carved Cinco Jotas ibérico ham, you can enjoy a full, authentic Cinco Jotas, experience complete with diced ham and hearty bones (perfect for home-made stews!).
This option is ideal for ham lovers who wish to enjoy a whole ham without investing the time in carving it (though that can be an enjoyable experience too!).
Weight: 6.85 kg Kg
Storage: In a cool, well-ventilated place
Free range: Yes
Allergen and gluten free: Yes

This Cinco Jotas hand-carved Iberian ham consists of a unique decorative case with an entire Cinco Jotas ham already expertly carved and stored in 26 envelopes of 80 g each. Perfect for a gift or to keep for yourself!

You get a lot in this exclusive luxury box of Cinco Jotas: an entire Cinco Jotas ham carved by hand and conveniently stored in 26 packets, including diced ham pieces with bones packed in individual vacuum-packed containers (perfect for stews!).

Inside the box you will find:

- An explanatory booklet
- 26 packets of Cinco Jotas acorn-fed hand-carved 100% ibérico ham, 80 g. each
- Dices of Cinco Jotas acorn-fed 100% ibérico ham
- Cinco Jotas ham bones
Recommendations for consumption: It’s essential to store the sliced ham in temperatures between 5-10 ºC, removing it from the refrigerator 20 minutes before consuming to maximise the sensational experience.
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