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Veterano Naranja

A spirit drink that combines the unmistakeable classic taste of Veterano with natural essences of the finest Spanish oranges, giving an surprising, enjoyable experience.
Alcohol: 30º
Tasting notes: sabor suave y equilibrado, armonizando con un agradable toque final a naranja
Format: botella de 70 cl

A spirited drink obtained through a blend of our famous Veterano with a careful selection of the finest distilled juices of Spanish oranges.

Appearance: It has a deep mahogany colour with bright highlights.
Nose: It is broad on the nose, combining the characteristic aroma of Veterano with elegant fresh and sweet notes of Spanish oranges.
Palate: Smooth and balanced flavour, harmonised with an agreeable touch of orange on the finish.

On its own or accompanied with a thin slice of bergamot and a twist of orange.
Alcohol by volume: 30%.

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