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Shipping Costs | Osborne


At Osborne we want your shopping experience to be seamless from the moment you choose your products, to the moment when you enjoy them at home with your loved ones. This is why we have taken the utmost care in the shipping and delivery process of our products, choosing the best logistics and transport companies on the market.

Similarly, in order to ensure maximum satisfaction with your purchases and so that you do not have to wait to enjoy our products, we guarantee that your purchase will be dispatched within 2 to 3 working days anywhere in Spain for standard shipping (except the Balearic Islands, Ceuta and Melilla, where this period is extended to 7 working days). Moreover, we also provide the option of an express service if required.

Our product is distinguished by its quality. Therefore, in order for this to be guaranteed and to maintain the necessary preservation conditions, during the summer period (from June to September), orders placed after 12:00 am on Thursday will not be prepared until the following Monday in order to guarantee the quality of the products during transport.

It is up to the User to decide on the shipping method (Standard or Express) and free standard shipping will be applicable for orders above a certain value. The shipping costs are as follows:

For national purchases over 50€:  

  • The shipping service is free of charge under standard transport conditions.
  • Express shipping carries a small supplement.

For national purchases with an order value of less than 50€:

  • Standard shipping will be paid by the user, and is calculated based on a table containing the variables of weight and destination of the shipment.
  • Express shipping carries a supplementary cost associated with it.

For international purchases (European EU countries):

  • The shipping will always be paid by the User, and is calculated based on a table containing the variables of weight and destination of the shipment.

Shipments to Switzerland are not available.

Below, we show different shipping costs according to the type of service and value of the purchase made, as well as the destination and the indicative delivery times associated with it:

Weight RangePenínsulaBalearicsCeuta and MelillaCanary Islands from the Canary Islands
Up to 10 kgs5,90 €28,20 €58,50 €7,50 €
From 10 to 15 kgs7,30 €28,20 €65,40 €7,50 €
From 15 to 20 kgs9,30 €28,20 €86,65 €10,00 €
More than 20 kgs12,80 €28,20 €116,40 €10,00 €

Weight RangeFrance, Italy, Belgium, Monaco, Austria, Switzerland, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Greece, Germany, Holland, Luxembourg
Up to 1 kg9,17 €
Up to 2 kg15,39 €
Up to 4 kg22,67 €
Up to 6 kg30,00 €
Up to 8 kg36,74 €
Up to 10 kg43,49 €
Up to 15 kg55,29 €
Up to 20 kg72,15 €
Up to 25 kg102,04 €
Up to 30 kg140,63 €
Up to 40 kg236,88 €
Up to 50 kg314,05 €
Up to 60 kg419,99 €
Up to 70 kg525,92 €
Up to 80 kg618,28 €
Up to 90 kg721,98 €

Prices before VAT

Weight RangePortugal
Hasta 10 kgs5,90 €
De 10 a 15 kgs7,30 €
De 15 a 20 kgs9,30 €
Más de 20 kgs12,80 €

Other countries (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Poland)
Prices before VAT

Weight RangeOther countries
Hasta 1 kg34,88 €
Hasta 2 kg45,90 €
Hasta 4 kg62,77 €
Hasta 6 kg80,61 €
Hasta 8 kg101,51 €
Hasta 10 kg122,41€
Hasta 15 kg155,07 €
Hasta 20 kg200,80 €
Hasta 25 kg249,40 €
Hasta 30 kg299,92 €
Hasta 40 kg424,82 €
Hasta 50 kg525,86 €
Hasta 60 kg665,25 €
Hasta 70 kg804,64 €
Hasta 80 kg924,33 €
Hasta 90 kg1060,83 €

Express Service:

Only available in mainland Spain. The price represents an increase of 2€ (excluding VAT) on the price calculated for standard shipping.

Express shipments can only be made to mainland Spain, it is not possible to make express shipments internationally, nor to the Canary Islands, the Balearic Islands, Ceuta or Melilla.

If the order is split into several shipments, the express shipping option will be disabled.


These delivery times may vary due to the unavailability of stock of the articles contained in the order, and may also be affected by specific dates of high activity such as the Christmas campaign, and there is no guarantee that the specified delivery times will be met. Under no circumstances will the amount paid for express shipping (or standard shipping for orders under 50€) be refunded for orders placed during the Christmas period, from 1 December to 6 January.

Due to the way the warehouse operates in terms of the preparation of orders, all purchases made after 13:30h will take an extra day to be shipped. On busy dates such as during the Christmas campaign, these preparation times may be affected due to the high volume of orders.

Deliveries will be made on working days (excluding Saturdays), and the times shown are working days and not calendar days.

These are not included in the price of the offer. VAT: 21%.

Customs clearance will be borne by the recipient at the time of purchase in the online shop, never on arrival.