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The achievement of our objectives as a company would not be possible without our firm commitment to manage our operations with a focus on the sustainable development of our activities, respecting the environment in which we operate and promoting trusting, stable and lasting relationships with our stakeholders.

As a result of this ambition, in 2019 we prepared our first materiality analysis, which has helped us to detect the most significant aspects for our company in environmental, social, government and economic matters; these are key to achieving the objectives we set for ourselves. Thus, also in line with our commitment to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals of Agenda 2030, we have linked these issues to the SDGs to which we contribute.


Two of the pillars for our operations are the sustainable management of natural resources and protection of the environment. We also express our commitment to the mitigation of climate change through development of energy efficiency projects and use of renewable energies, as well as carrying out research projects to improve the protection of biodiversity and the conservation of ecosystems in our pastures and vineyards. The good practices that we apply at all levels of our value chain (animal welfare, sustainable agriculture, extensive livestock farming,etc.) help us to continue contributing to the fulfilment of the goals set by the Sustainable Development Goals.


Aware of the importance of the social aspects for the achievement of the SDGs and of its goals, at Osborne we have a firm commitment to the employment and the development of local populations, maintaining our link to the territories in which our centenary activities were initiated and to their cultural heritage. Our supply chain is respectful with a model of sustainable consumption and production, focused on improvements to further increase the quality and safety of our products and care and satisfaction of our customers. Similarly, we strive to ensure that our employees continue to develop their work in the best possible working environment; based on mutual respect, the promotion of training programmes and care for their health and well-being.


Our governance model, the values associated with our brand and the transparency of our communication and reporting actions are the pillars on which we base our fair and sustainable business model. We are also working on building effective partnerships to achieve sustainable development goals and objectives, as well as developing indicators to measure our progress in this area. Similarly, our commitment to innovation is aligned with the goals established in Agenda 2030 to achieve more sustainable technologies and production models, thanks to increased efficiency in the use of resources and technologies.


Through our practices as a Company we seek sustainable economic development of our business, supporting the goals set by the SDGs in technology development, universal multilateral trading systems, building strategic alliances and promoting ethical and transparent business practices.