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Solera Pedro Ximenez Viejo


The Osborne premium range of sherry wines Taken from a solera that was founded in 1905, formed of one butt and three criaderas of 9-7-7 butts respectively.This wine is, without doubt, the winery's flagship wine, its unique character has earned it the highest international praise.

D.O.: Jerez.
Tasting notes: sweet, dense, very unctuous and highly spiced.
Alcohol: 16% vol.
Aged: 30 years (S/A).
Format: 50 cl bottle.
Wine type: PX Vino dulce natural.


The bunches of grapes are cut and exposed to the sun (soleo). Gentle pressing and fortification of the must. Aged in the traditional system of soleras and criaderas in American oak barrels. As time goes on, the evaporation of the wine makes it more concentrated and complex, with more than 45% residual sugar. l. The entire collection of this Pedro Ximénez comprises 24 butts: three criaderas and one solera.


Bacchus de Oro · Bacchus (2019)
98 points · The Wine Advocate (2007)
97 points · Guía Peñín (2018 and 2019)
97 points · Guía Proensa (2005)
96 points · The Wine Advocate (2013)


Appearance: A very deep, almost opaque mahogany colour, profound.

Nose: A wine of great aromatic richness, with a great depth of raisined fruit, alongside toasted notes and aromas of honey, plum jam, almonds, hay, fruits preserved in syrup and dates.

Palate: A prodigiously sweet wine, dense, very unctuous and spicy, flavourful and elegant with notes of raisins, apples and caramel. This is a truly exquisite wine.


When to drink: An ideal wine for drinking as an aperitif or after meals, either on its own or with dessert.

Serving temperature: Consume at an optimum temperature of 16ºC / 61ºF.

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