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Solera BC200


Vinos de Jerez Osborne RARE VORS. The original "ABC" solera was founded in 1864, one of the oldest in Bodegas Osborne, three soleras and 200 butts. The entirety of solera "A" was sent to the Imperial Court in Saint Petersburg in 1888 for the Russian tsars, the sole clients for this wine.

D.O.: Jerez
Tasting notes: plenty of body, broad, solid and flavourful
Alcohol: 22% vol.
Aged: 40 years (S/A)
Format: 50 cl bottle
Wine type: Medium


This solera has aged so well, and is particularly complex and attractive due to the ageing of Pedro Ximénez and Palomino (no longer permitted by the Regulatory Council) for more than 100 years. Aged in the traditional system of soleras and criaderas for more than 40 years.

The entire solera consists of 40 butts and three criaderas.


Bacchus de Oro · Bacchus (2019)
97 points · Guía Peñín (2014 and 2015)
96 points · The Wine Advocate (2007)
93 points · Guía Proensa (2005)
92 points ·Wine Spectator (2014)


Appearance: a bright, transparent wine, deep mahogany in colour with reddish reflections.

Nose: A very powerful wine of great class and extraordinary aromatic complexity. The tertiary aromas resulting from extended ageing in very fine oak dominate. It is rich in aromas of toasted oak, vanilla, walnuts, chocolate and raisins.

Palate: A very expressive wine, smooth and soft from the outset, slightly off-dry, velvety, it has plenty of body, is broad, solid and flavourful. The notes of old oak and raisins appear once again. The finish is almost endless.


When to drink: an ideal wine for drinking as an aperitif or after meals, either on its own or with dessert.

Serving temperature: consume at an optimum temperature of 14ºC / 57ºF.

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