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Passport Scotch

Passport is a combination of the best. It contains a greater percentage of the famous Scottish Single Malt whiskies than many other blends. Passport is a Scotch Whisky with an unusually seductive and fruity flavour and a deliciously creamy finish.
Alcohol: 40%
Tasting notes: medium-bodied, smooth with a very subtle, spicy flavour.
Format: 70 cl bottle.

Appearance: Passport is an amber colour.
Nose: Sweet on the nose with a subtle fruity aroma and notes of walnut.
Palate: Medium-bodied. A very subtle, smooth and smoky flavour.

Production: Passport is made with a selection of Scotch whiskies in the Scottish region of Speyside, in the prestigious Glen Keith distillery. Passport is a high quality whisky with a characteristic smooth flavour and fruity notes.It is ideal for combining in mixed drinks.
Inspired by the 1960s and created in 1965, Passport is internationally recognised for its distinctive rectangular green bottle and a logo made up of 5 flags that capture and represent the essence and values of the 1960s.
Alcohol by volume: 40%.
Average ageing: More than a year.
Product designation: Blended Scotch whisky.

As a general rule, store in well ventilated areas away from sources of heat. Over time, some deposits can form in the bottle, a natural result of the ageing process in oak. If this occurs, simply decant the whisky before serving it.

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