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Nordés Camino de Santiago Edition

A limited edition of Nordés with a bottle featuring the pilgrim’s shell, the best-known and most iconic symbol of the Camino de Santiago.
Product designation: Gin
Alcohol: 40 º
Tasting notes: fresh and fruity notes, with a finish of bay leaf and juniper
Format: 70 cl bottle

Nordés is made using a slow and very delicate process, and has a base spirit obtained from albariño grapes from Galicia, this being its heart and soul. With subtle nuances and an aroma of white fruit, Nordés uses eleven botanicals, six of which grow wild in Galicia: mint, bay leaf, sage, glasswort, eucalyptus and lemon verbena. There are hints of Galician explorers from bygone times too, with tea, juniper, ginger, hibiscus and cardamom. All this comes together to give Nordés its unique and unmistakable flavour.


Appearance/colour: clear and sparkling.
Aroma/nose: intensely aromatic with notes of white flowers, lemon verbena and ginger, which work in perfect harmony with its subtle nuances of eucalyptus, bay leaf and mint. Nordés has a subtle aroma of flowers and fruit, alongside a hint of juniper.
Flavour/palate: fresh and fruity, with a finish of bay leaf and juniper.


Nordés goes perfectly with (preferably regular) tonic water, ice and grapes.
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