Keeping its staff and customers safe is a priority for Osborne, a company which has almost 250 years of history behind it and is the owner of brands such as Cinco Jotas, Nordés, Montecillo and Carlos I. As such, it should come as no surprise that all of the Osborne Group’s restaurants and wine tourism centres have been awarded the Safe Tourism Certified seal.

This seal, which has been created by the Spanish Institute for Tourism Quality (ICTE), has been granted to Osborne to accredit the fact that it has correctly implemented a system to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The organisation responsible for carrying out the certification process was the independent inspection company SGS, which has certified all the wine tourism centres and restaurants belonging to the Osborne Group as places which are safe and properly adapted to the new normal.

Over the past months, our priority has unfailingly been to keep our staff safe by implementing a series of measures at our restaurants, production sites and bodegas. With this seal, we have gone one step further in terms of our commitment to society and all those who are thinking of coming to visit us. It is our responsibility to ensure that all our restaurants and wine tourism centres are safe places and as such, are able to continue to offer outstanding experiences to our visitors’, explains Rocío Osborne, Director of Communications at Osborne.

Amongst the measures implemented at Osborne’s restaurants, the disinfecting of all their areas, requiring all staff and guests to use a face covering, providing alcohol-based hand rub and QR code menus, ensuring there are at least 2 metres between tables and taking the temperature of all employees twice a day, all stand out.

In terms of Osborne’s wine tourism centres, the measures in place involve daily cleaning and disinfecting of everything that is expected to be used during the day (crockery, glasses, cutting utensils and items for food/beverage tasting sessions), and creating a clear separation between the areas the public visit and the sites’ industrial areas. Here, all members of staff also have their temperature taken twice a day, employees and visitors are required to wear a face covering, the sites are constantly ventilated and specific times have been set aside for visitors over 65. The capacity of the shops and tasting areas has also been reduced in order to ensure at least two metres are maintained between individuals. Moreover, guests are no longer permitted to serve themselves and disinfection stations with alcohol-based hand rub have been put into place, in addition to numerous other measures.

For the guided tours, the size of groups has been reduced by 50% (to eight people) and audio guides and printed leaflets are not available for the time being.

Thanks to all these measures, at Osborne we are proud to be able to continue to offer guides tours of our bodegas, aroma workshops, activities in our escape room at Bodegas Montecillo, and mouth-watering food and cocktails at our restaurants, amongst many other things, whilst ensuring maximum safety and hygiene.



Since 1772, Osborne has been committed to the future and the company will continue to work hard to bring enjoyment and authentic experiences to its customers through its products.  Throughout its history, Osborne’s mission has been to bring authentic products to its customers and strive for excellence, something it has achieved thanks to its visionary spirit and commitment to society (channelled through the work of the Osborne Foundation).

The company is the owner of internationally renowned brands such as Cinco Jotas 100% Iberian acorn-fed ham, Bodegas Montecillo rioja wine, Carlos I brandy de Jerez and Nordés gin, to name but a few. Its products are currently present in more than 50 countries around the world. As well as producing and selling its own brands, the company also distributes leading third-party products in Spain, including Piper-Heidsieck champagne, Brockmans Gin, Russian Standard Vodka, Zubrowka Vodka, Flor de Caña Rum, 100 Pipers Whisky, Passport Scotch Whisky, Disaronno and Tia Maria. 

Osborne is also the owner of the legendary Toro de Osborne, recognised around the world as one of the most successful brands in the history of advertising and an icon of Spanish culture.



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