Galician Original Drinks and the Osborne Group have worked together to launch Dr.Zas: the first liqueur in the world to be made with Galician padrón peppers.In homage to the popular Galician saying: “pementos de Padrón, uns pican e outros non” (Padrón peppers, some are hot and some are not), Dr.Zas is a new liqueur with a spicy touch that blends in the heat of the raw material which comes from cultivated peppers,as well as making sure that, despite the saying, all the peppers are hot. The drink is distributed by Osborne in collaboration with the Galician distillery, Galician Original Drinks S.L. where the drink is made, and its most special ingredient, the pepper, is grown. It is an ingredient that gives it a luminous, almost phosphorescent, green colour that will make the most daring nights full of fun.A drink designed for young people, at parties, and to be drunk in shots.Dr. Zas is a surprising liqueur that is pleasant to drink; although it is spicy, it has a touch of sweetness and has a smooth feel, with a refreshing aftertaste that makes you want to drink another shot of Dr. Zas, always very cold. It also has a unique and intriguing bottle, half way between a old-fashioned medicine bottle and a premium spirit.