Jabugo, 6 July 2020.- The uniqueness of each Iberian ham and the skill of the experts at Cinco Jotas are set to feature in the fashion film made for Oteyza’s new collection.

The emblematic brand from Jabugo has taken part in this artistic film, which will be presented at Paris Fashion Week on 9 July. Surrounded by lights and shadows, a Cinco Jotas ham and its delicately carved slices are portrayed as mouth-watering works of art in their own right, something which is made possible by the passion and talent of its experts. The film presents the fashion house’s spring-summer collection and brings together the modernity and originality of the collection, as well as the tradition of Cinco Jotas. The true beauty of the ham is accentuated through the use of predominantly black and white, as well as shades of golden-yellow, greenish blue, copper and light grey.

The two brands certainly have more in common than initially meets the eye, including a skilful combination of old and new, sustainability, an artisanal production process, luxury and, it goes without saying, a passion for Spanish culture. The artisanal process used and the skill of its experts mean each Cinco Jotas ham is a truly unique work of art. Oteyza, for its part, creates stunning artisanal items of exceptional quality in small quantities, using sustainable practices.

At the heart of both brands is a commitment to sustainability. For more than 140 years, Cinco Jotas has produced Iberian ham by means of a sustainable process, whilst creating jobs and taking great care to look after the natural ecosystem which makes it all possible. This is not dissimilar to Oteyza, whose philosophy is based on creating artisanal items of clothing which strike a perfect balance between luxury and sustainability. In fact, the fashion house is well recognised as having played a leading role in saving the Spanish Merino, a breed of sheep which was on the brink of extinction.



Cinco Jotas is a brand steeped in history, which has been producing the very best and most exclusive 100% Iberian acorn-fed ham for more than 140 years.

Its journey began in 1879 in Jabugo, a privileged spot in the Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche Natural Park, declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. The village has a unique microclimate which makes this exceptional product possible. The area is also home to the Iberian pig, a breed unique to the Iberian Peninsula. Over the years, Cinco Jotas has taken great care to preserve the purity of the breed, as well as the natural ecosystem they live in – the dehesa of South-East Spain. That is why, each year, the firm allocates part of its profits to preserve this unique ecosystem, as well as work with non-profits, universities and research centres in order to protect the natural habitats used to rear the pigs and thus ensure the sustainability of the entire process.



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