Ampersand Premium Gin is premiering new flavours. After the launch of Ampersand Citrus, authentic London Dry Gin and Ampersand Strawberry, the gin from the Osborne Group has unveiled two new flavours this month to complete its innovative range: Blueberry and Sweet Melon. On one hand, Ampersand Melon is characterised by its sweet taste, perfect for mixing with the acidic tang of a lemon soft drink, including a slice of lemon in its Perfect Serve. On the other hand, Ampersand Blueberry, due to its sweet and sour flavour, is perfect for mixing with a lemon-lime soft drink with the addition of fresh blueberries in its Perfect Serve.

With these new launches, Ampersand continues to revolutionise the ways to drink gin with the aim of becoming the preferred gin of millennials: a generation of young adults who look for innovative drinks that awaken their senses with new flavours and colours.Ampersand has the ambition of innovating and reinventing the way that we enjoy gin, connecting with its target audience to surprise through new consumption experiences.With Ampersand, the evolution of gin is in progress.