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Ginebra Brockmans

Brockmans is a gin distilled in England.
Tasting notes: Tasting note: vibrant citric notes of lemon and bitter orange peel.
Format: 70 cl bottle.

The fresh and floral notes of blackberries and blueberries balance the resinous notes of juniper berries.
Vibrant citric notes of lemon and bitter orange peel lift the spicy tones of Bulgarian coriander before revealing subtle woody touches of roots. This inspired and original combination of flavours on the palate make the deeper and more sensual notes last longer, giving Brockmans its particular balance, complexity and unique flavour.
The exquisite finish is long and intensely smooth.

The acidity of pink grapefruit and floral notes of blueberries combine perfectly with the original and unique blend of botanicals in Brockmans.
From all the ones we tried, this perfect serve is the one that best protects and underlines Brockman's unique balance and harmony, allowing all the layers and subtle flavour nuances to be revealed. Intensely smooth with a long, elegant and seductive finish.

As a general rule, store in well ventilated areas away from sources of heat.

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