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Ampersand is a London Dry Gin produced using six of the finest botanicals and four distillations. A gin of exceptional purity, with an English soul and the heart of the south.

Product designation: London Dry Gin
Alcohol: 40º
Tasting notes: refreshing and particularly versatile
Format: 70cl bottle


Ampersand is a London Dry Gin produced with six select natural botanicals: juniper berries, coriander seeds, angelica root, Javanese pepper and the rind of Spanish oranges and lemons, which were peeled by hand and dried in the sun. Its quadruple distillation makes it a refreshing and particularly versatile gin, perfect for serving with your favourite mixer.


A la vista: Transparent and bright.Nose:
Notes of juniper accompanied by a subtle, fresh citrus aroma.
Palate: A refreshing, well-balanced gin that is very easy to drink.
Slightly citric, it has noticeable notes of orange and lemon peel, with a subtle hint on spice on the finish.


Due to its balanced recipe, Ampersand is an especially versatile gin that mixes well with all kinds of juices and soft drinks. A London Dry Gin that is perfect for serving in fun and delicious combinations, ideal for enjoying as you prefer, at any hour of the day or night.

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