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Unique eating establishments where you can enjoy the finest Osborne products: Cinco Jotas ham, the best
wines from Bodegas Osborne and the rest of the company’s products.

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Cinco Jotas

Cinco Jotas warmly invites you to visit our
centuries-old cellars, to discover first hand
the process of creating this jewel of
Spanish gastronomic heritage.

Wineries and Wine Tourism

Taste the finest wines, enjoy guided visits or celebrate your event in Osborne’s most characteristic wineries.

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Osborne Cádiz

Since 1772, the year in which Tomas Osborne Mann founded Osborne in El Puerto de Santa María, Osborne has preserved the largest collection of aged Sherry wines. Sherry Wine and Brandy, aged according to the traditional “soleras y criaderas” method, are an internationally renowned wine-lover’s delight.

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Montecillo La Rioja

Feel the passage of time in an underground cellar dating from the 16th century, where unique vintage wines are stored in silence. Discover the mysteries of Montecillo in the making of the most select Rioja wines. Montecillo Reserva and Gran Reserva are internationally renowned.

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Osborne Toledo

Stroll through more than 700 hectares of vines, silent in winter, splendid in spring: the largest vineyard in the whole of Europe. Enjoy the most modern wines: reds, whites and rosés. Discover a magical and captivating world of aromas and flavors. A complete experience for the senses.

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