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El Cid


Vinos de Jerez Osborne RARE VORS

D.O.: Jerez.
Tasting notes: Smooth, velvety with plenty of body.
Alcohol: 22.8% vol.
Aged: 30 years.
Format: 50 cl bottle.


- Appearance: A bright, transparent wine, deep mahogany in colour with reddish reflections.

- Nose: A wine of great style and extraordinary aromatic complexity, it is very powerful, with notes of aldehyde and a predominance of tertiary aromas from prolonged ageing in oak of great finesse. Aromas of toasted oak, vanilla, walnuts, chocolate and raisins stand out on the nose.

- Palate: A very expressive wine, smooth and soft from the outset, slightly off-dry, velvety, it has plenty of body, is broad, solid and flavourful, with notes of noble old oak and raisins that return on the palate.The finish is almost endless.

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