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Egosum extra virgin olive oil


Egosum Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an olive oil from one of the highest quality mills.

With the Osborne seal of quality.

0.5 litre bottle.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an olive oil from one of the highest quality mills, which has the mildness and balance to complement and partner with flavours and aromas with delicate perfection. A essential condiment on any table, it has the qualities to bring out many nuances in any dish.

This oil, presented in an elegantly designed 0.5-litre bottle, it is produced in limited quantities and bottled upon demand. This is the only way that you can be sure that when you buy our Extra Virgin Olive Oils you are buying premium quality.


Its production is carried out with the maximum quality: the care of the olive tree; the early harvest of the olives (between October and November depending on the variety); its transfer to the mill within six hours of harvest; double cold pressing at different speeds in a cutting edge mill. Work that is carried out with passion and rigour by the very best professionals and is subject to the strictest internal and external quality controls. Our family's history in olive growing goes back over more than five generations, towards the middle of the 19th Century.Knowledge about growing olive trees and the secrets behind the production of the finest Extra Virgin Olive Oil has been passed down from father to son. Our 1,230-hectare olive grove is located in Viso del Marqués, towards the south of Castilla-La Mancha. Here, we take care in looking after our more than 12,000 olive trees located at an average of 830 metres above sea level. This privileged location, together with the continental Mediterranean climate, makes this the perfect place for growing olives.


Premium quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Egosum Organic is a blend of the Hojiblanca and Arbequina varieties, which, when combined in different proportions, add unique characteristics and flavours. With a mild, balanced and harmonious flavour, it is an essential ingredient in any kitchen, full of qualities that enhance any dish, such as, for example, toast dressed with olive oil, tomato and ham; strawberry gazpacho; cucumber, leek or melon cream; yogurt and olive oil sponge cakes; chocolate and extra virgin olive oil truffles; extra virgin olive oil sorbet; mayonnaise; alioli sauce; pesto sauce for pasta; pan-fried wild mushrooms...

It is a vital ingredient in the Mediterranean diet, as consuming olive oil has numerous health benefits. Experts have identified that 20g of Extra Virgin Olive Oil a day provides antioxidants such as polyphenols and squalene, which are beneficial to health.

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