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Disaronno Velvet

An iconic shape and elegant all-white outfit bring to life a creamy, velvety liqueur with a unique flavor: Disaronno Velvet arrives.
Product designation: cream liqueur
Alcohol: 17º
Tasting notes: the unique flavor of disaronno with the velvety touch of cream
Format: 70 cl bottle
Perfect for lovers of cream liqueurs with an intense aroma: the characteristic flavor of the most drunk Italian liqueur in the world is enriched with unexpected nuances. Surprisingly smooth on the palate, Disaronno Velvet wisely and harmoniously blends the distinctive imprint of Disaronno Originale, which has conquered entire generations, with velvety notes that leave their mark.
Soft and durable that is powered by ice.
Sensation of fruit and floral character of almonds with hints of chocolate and vanilla.
Ideal to take with ice.
Mixing the unique flavor of Disaronno with the velvety touch of cream.
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