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Brandy 1866


Brandy 1866 is a Solera Gran Reserva Brandy, intensely aromatic, it displays notes of new wood, vanilla and nuts.

Product designation: Brandy
Alcohol: 40º
Tasting notes: powerful and long-lasting on the palate
Format: 70 cl bottle


Production: Brandy 1866 is made from Airén, a white grape variety, from La Mancha. Its ageing is based on the criadera and solera system, in which younger brandies are aged with older ones.Brandy 1866 is characterised by its flavour of new wood, vanilla and nuts.


Appearance: Brandy 1866 is amber-coloured with a yellowish-brown rim.
Nose: Intensely aromatic with great depth, it displays hints of vanilla, cocoa and nuts.
Palate: A powerful brandy, with great length on the palate. Notes of oak, roasted coffee and nuts.


To be enjoyed alone, in the evening or in good company, it stands out for its intensity and great taste.

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