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Case of six Nordés miniatures

Nordés is the original Atlantic Galician Gin. Its flavour, which blends the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, charms everyone due to its hand-crafted process, based on the starring role of the Albariño white grape and eleven natural botanicals.
Product designation: Gin
Alcohol: 40%
Tasting notes: A very aromatic gin, with an intense aroma of white flowers, lemon verbena and ginger.
Format: carry-case containing 6 miniature 5cl bottles.


Nordés is a gin crafted using a slow, painstaking process. To produce the grape spirit at the heart of the product, a proportion of local Galician Albariño grapes are used.The spirit is enhanced by maceration with eleven local and overseas botanicals.11 As well as juniper, this includes various wild Galician plants such as lemon verbena, bay leaves and eucalyptus. It also includes salicornia -a marine plant - cardamom, peppermint, ginger, hibiscus and black Ceylon tea, sage and quinine.


Appearance: Gin Nordés is crystal clear.

Nose: It is a very aromatic gin, with an intense aroma of white flowers, lemon verbena and ginger, in perfect harmony with resinous notes of eucalyptus, mint and bay leaf. Gentle aromas of flowers and fruits are linked to a subtle touch of juniper.
Palate: Fresh and fruity flavours, with back-notes of bay leaf and juniper.


Serving suggestion: With tonic water, preferably neutral in taste, lots of ice and white grapes. A simple yet original presentation that highlights the unique aromas of Nordés.

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