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Cachaça Santo Grau Coronel Xavier Chaves – Minas Gerais

Cachaça produced in Minas Gerais, Brasil
Product designation: cachaça
Alcohol: 40º
Tasting notes: fresh aroma and sweet taste
Format: 70 cl botlle
The result of a privileged terroir, this cachaça does not pass through wood, but rests for six months in paraffined stone tanks underground, built 250 years ago and listed by the Patrimônio Histórico Nacional (National Historical Heritage). From Minas Gerais, it´s a white cachaça with 40% alcohol/vol.

It can be consumed pure or mixed. The most traditional way of consumption in Brazil is the famous caipirinha: a mix of Cachaça and mashed fruit (the most consumed is lemon), sugar and ice.

When pure, to obtain a softer flavor, it is usual to drink very cold.

Appearance: Transparent.
Smell: its aroma reminds the freshness of the cane fields.
Taste: its taste, which begins vigorous, turns almost sweet and thrills the palate.
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