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Brandy Magno

Harmonious and full of personality, this Jerez Solera Reserva Brandy maintains a perfect balance between an advanced production processes and age-old traditions, thanks to the most exclusive grape selection and meticulous aging in American oak barrels.
Product designation: Brandy de Jerez.
Alcohol: 36º
Tasting notes: smooth, harmonious and distinguished.
Format: 70 cl bottle
Brandy made from distillates and wine spirits in the Osborne wine cellars and aged in El Puerto de Santa Maria. The delicate combination of the distinct spirits transforms this brandy into something truly memorable. Appearance: Mahogany colour, bright, transparent and bright. Nose: Clean aroma, intense, vinous and warm, with notes of oak and clear perception of distillates. Mouthfeel: Soft, harmonious, round and distinguished palate, well integrated wood spices. Slightly sweet. Consumer recommendation: Playfully pair to discover a multitude of Magno personalities in fresh, young and unusual cocktails.
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