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Brandy Conde de Osborne

Conde de Osborne Brandy is a Solera Gran Reserva Brandy, classified as Brandy de Jerez. Aged for up to five years.
Product designation: Solera Gran Reserva Brandy
Alcohol: 40.5%
Tasting notes: Tasting note: smooth, unctuous and velvety with an intense and complex finish of spicy notes, nuts and chocolate.
Format: 70 cl bottle.

Brandy made from wine spirit known as "holandas" and low alcohol grape spirit (65º), aged in American oak barrels that have previously been used to store Pedro Ximénez sherry, following the traditional dynamic system of Criadera and Solera ageing.

Appearance: A deep mahogany colour, with brownish touches.
Nose: Elegant notes of oak that are very well integrated with the delicate aroma of wine spirits distilled in pot stills, with touches of vanilla and cocoa alongside delicious perfumes of ageing, plums and raisins.
Palate: Smooth, unctuous and velvety with a very intense and complex finish of well integrated notes of spice, nuts and chocolate.

Alcohol by volume: 40.5%.
Average ageing: More than 10 years.
Designation of origin: Brandy de Jerez, Spain

As a general rule, store in well ventilated areas away from sources of heat.
Over time, some deposits can form in the bottle, a natural result of the ageing process in oak. If this occurs, simply decant the brandy before serving it.

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