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Brandy Carlos I


The story began when a cellarmaster in the city of Jerez found some mysterious barrels in the corner of his winery.

Neither he nor anyone else ever knew where they came from but it was instantly apparent that they contained the most exquisite brandy he had ever tasted.

Product designation: Solera Gran Reserva Brandy de Jerez
Alcohol: 40º
Tasting notes: long-lasting, complex and balanced
Format: 70 cl bottle


Production: We start by carefully selecting the best wines made from the Airén grape. They are distilled in our own distillery in Arabic stills using artisanal methods. The spirit is aged in American oak barrels that previously contained the most select sherry wines - Amontillados and Olorosos - where, thanks to the artisanal ageing methods of criaderas and soleras, young spirits are mixed with older ones to create an extraordinary brandy.


Bronze Medal in the ‘International Spirits Challenge’ 2018.
Silver Medal in the‘International Wine & Spirit Competition’ 2018.


Appearance: A deep amber colour with golden highlights.
Nose: Very aromatic and elegant, with notes of cocoa and vanilla.
Palate: It is complex and balanced, with a long finish.


Perfect for relaxing or sharing enjoyable moments with friends.Carlos I is delicious, profound and versatile enough to enjoy both on its own, with ice or in a cocktail.

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