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Cachaça Santo Grau Itirapuã – São Paulo

Cachaça produced in São Paulo, Brasil.
Product designation: cachaça
Alcohol: 41%
Tasting notes: intense and soft flavor
Format: 70 cl bottle
Santo Grau Itirapuã is a classic cachaça from the traditional countryside of São Paulo. With a smooth aroma, it has a velvety, soft and full flavor in the mouth. The cane is ground by force of a water wheel, moved by a stream that, for years, did all the work of the mill. From São Paulo, it´s an aged cachaça with 41% alcohol/vol.

It can be consumed pure or mixed. The most traditional way of consumption in Brazil is the famous caipirinha: a mix of Cachaça and mashed fruit (the most consumed is lemon), sugar and ice.

When pure, to obtain a softer flavor, it is usual to drink very cold.

Appearance: slightly golden.
Smell: its aroma reminds the freshness of the cane fields.
Taste: it has an intense and soft flavor.
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