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Anís del Mono Edición Especial


Anís del Mono is a classic at parties, bringing enjoyment to any celebration. All the traditional flavour and aroma of the most iconic anise liqueur on your table.

Osborne has created a Special Edition for Christmas 2019. The inspiration is the character of La Manola, icon of the advertising posters that the artist Ramón Casas designed for Anís del Mono at the end of the 19th century.

Product designation: anís dulce
Alcohol: 35º
Tasting notes: dulce y persistente
Format: botella de 1 l.


Aniseeds and natural seeds from other aromatic plants are distilled in copper pot stills to obtain the essential oils that are a key component of anise liqueur, alongside cane sugar, demineralized water and neutral spirit of the highest quality. The mixture is gently shaken, filtered and bottled.


Appearance: Anís del Mono is colourless, transparent and bright.
On the nose: A broad, gentle aroma.
On the palate: Sweet and long-lasting.


Mix dry Anís del Mono, lemon juice, water and ice to enjoy a "Paloma" of Eastern Andalucía.

If you prefer, you can drink it on its own, mixed with brandy in a delicious "Sol y Sombra" or use it to sweeten coffee.

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