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Anís del Mono Cream


Anís del Mono cream is a smooth, sweet drink, ideal for enjoying after a meal.

Product designation: Anís cream
Alcohol: 17º
Tasting notes: Smooth, creamy and velvety
Format: 70 cl bottle


Natural aniseeds and seeds from other plants are distilled in copper pot stills. This is how we obtain the essential oils that are mixed with cane sugar, demineralized water and premium quality neutral alcohol to make the anise cream.


Appearance: Instantly appealing due to its colour of toasted cream.
Nose: It is very intense in aromas, with the typical notes of Anís el Mono intertwined with soft hints of chocolate and caramel.
Palate: The notes of aniseed and cocoa combine, enveloping the palate in a smooth, creamy texture with a velvety and long-lasting finish.


Serve very cold. You can enjoy it alone as a shot or in a wide glass or balloon glass with ice.

Do not mix with citrus drinks.

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