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Ampersand Melon Gin, offers a fresh and surprising taste that makes perfect summer mixed drinks.

Product designation: Premium Gin
Alcohol: 37.5º
Tasting notes: smooth on the palate, it combines the fresh and sweet nuances of melon with a long, flavourful finish.
Format: 70 cl bottle


Ampersand Melon is a Premium Gin made from juniper and sweet melon. It is a unusual product that highlights the flavourful, sweet aroma of melon to create exquisite mixed drinks that taste of summer.


Appearance: Clean and bright, a pale green colour with yellowish highlights.
Nose: Touches of perfectly ripe melon stand out on the nose.
Palate: Smooth on the palate, it reveals the sweet and fresh flavours of melon in a long, flavourful finish.


Due to its sweet flavour, Ampersand Melon is perfect for mixing with the acidic taste of a lemon soft drink, although it is also surprising in more unusual combinations with other mixers or juices.

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