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Ampersand is a London Dry Gin produced using six of the finest botanicals and four distillations. A gin of exceptional purity, with an English soul and the heart of the south.

Product designation: London Gin
Alcohol: 40º
Tasting notes: refreshing and versatile
Format: 70cl bottle

It is made with 6 botanicals from the finest origin and a four-times distilled London Dry Gin. This four-time distillation results in a refreshing and especially versatile gin.

Eye: Bright and Clean.
Nose: Notes of juniper accompanied by subtle hints of citrus fruits.
Palate: A refreshing and well balanced gin, easy to drink with a subtle hint of citrus notes

It really is a versatile gin that mixes great with any soft drink, tonic water or juice. You could say that this is our most "goes well with literally anything" gin. But let's be honest, the best serving is having someone else doing it for you!

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