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It's a Premium Gin made from juniper and blueberries that is not too sweet nor too sour. It's so versatile that its final flavour will have a lot to do with the mixer you use.

Product designation: Gin
Alcohol: 37.5º
Tasting notes: rounded and fruity, it is enjoyable due to its floral flavours and fresh, silky finish.
Format: 70 cl bottle


Ampersand Blueberry is a (come on! you know this!) Premium Gin, made from juniper berries and a selection of blueberries. Its striking flavour, which combines acidic and sweet notes - and not the typical Do, Re, Mi, that others use -  is truly unique.


Eye:  A natural, radiant and attractive light blue colour.

Nose: Prominent notes of blueberries with clear hints of red berries and fruits of the forest.

Palate: Rounded, fruity and pleasant on the palate with floral nuances and a velvety and fresh finish.


A lemon soft drink will give you a more 'classic' result, but a blueberry juice will be perfect to enhance all of its flavour. Dark berries will be a great Robin for this Batman!

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