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20 cms Bull Billboard

Toro de Osborne. A 20 cm replica of the Toro de Osborne billboard.

A replica of the Toro de Osborne billboard seen alongside Spanish motorways. Turn your home into an iconic motorway!

"The Toro de Osborne was born when Spain took its first steps to open itself to the world, when the rest of Europe started to take an interest in the country's clean beaches and its ancient but vibrant people, when the first signs of a change of cycle started to become apparent.This was back in 1957, now six decades have passed, a whole lifetime in which the bull, which was born as an advertising billboard, has become an icon in its own right.

To understand this symbol, which has been admired by artists and designers, praised by intellectuals, sung about by poets and venerated by people of all walks of life, both Spaniards and those from outside the country, you have to know more about the environment, the house in which it was born, Bodegas Osborne, a winery with a history that goes back to 1772. This book, presented in a bilingual Spanish-English edition, explains this important process."

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