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Osborne 10 RF


The Osborne premium range of sherry wines. A spectacular sweet wine with a light mahogany colour and a rich and generous bouquet. Semi-sweet with a nutty taste. Enjoy it cold as an aperitif or alongside a great dessert.

D.O.: Jerez.
Tasting notes: smooth and deliciously sweet.
Alcohol: 19% vol.
Aged: 6 years.
Format: 75 cl bottle
Wine type: medium Oloroso.


Soil: Albariza, a predominantly chalky soil with a great capacity for absorbing water,it allows the roots to penetrate deeply, picking up a very diverse range of substrates that are then transmitted to the wine.

Climate: A temperate climate with hot summers and the notable influence of the Atlantic Ocean, both due to the poniente wines in the summer, as well as the frequent morning showers, providing the plant with a moderate but continuous supply of water.

Winemaking: The Pedro Ximénez grapes are dried in the sun and then are gently pressed, followed by temperature-controlled fermentation at 24ºC. Once it reaches 11-12º alcohol, it is fortified with liqueur to 19º alcohol.Once fortified, the sherry is transferred to 500-litre American oak barrels, where it ages through a unique solera system. The special microclimate of El Puerto de Santa Maria, where our winery is situated, prints its marvellous personality on this wine through favouring slow oxidative ageing.


Gold Medal Wine & Spirits Awards Best Value 2014


Appearance: Osborne 10 RF is mahogany-coloured and slightly viscous.
Nose: Sweet aromas of raisins and vanilla, as well as toasted, nutty nuances.
Palate: It is smooth and deliciously sweet on the palate, with flavours of figs, raisins and dried apricots that are well integrated with the oak.


Pairing: it makes a perfect aperitif as well as a great finish to a meal. It is also delicious with soups, white meats, oily fish and cured cheeses.Try it with ice and a slice of orange. Delicious!

Serving temperature: 12-16ºC


Winery: Bodegas Osborne
Grape varieties: Palomino Fino and Pedro Ximénez
Designation of origin: Jerez-Xérès-Sherry
Alcohol by volume: 19% Vol.

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