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Board of Directors

Mr. Tomás Osborne Gamero-Cívico,
Honorary President and Executive Officer
Mr. Ignacio Osborne Cólogan,
Ms. Sofía Osborne Coloma,
Mr. Enrique Osborne Sanz-Magallón,
Director and Vice-Secretary
Mr. Fernando Terry Osborne,
Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Francisco Ballester Almadana,
Mr. Fernando Osborne Blanco,
Mr. Rafael Osborne Fernández,
Ms. Blanca Osborne Fernández de Peñaranda,
Mr. Jorge Osborne Cólogan,
Ms. Beatriz Osborne Osborne,
Ms. Adela Lario Rivas,
Non-board member secretary

Management Committee


Chief Executive Officer - Fernando Terry Osborne

General Manager - Bill Derrenger

Manager of Finance - Jose María Maraver

Manager of Iberia Products Business Unit - Bernardino Rodríguez

Manager of Drinks business - Alvaro Lapetra

Manager of Wines business - Juan Alegría

Finance Controller - Néstor Nava

Manager Legal Affairs - Adela Lario

Manager of HR, Purchases and Logistics - Andrés Velasco

Manager of Internal Audit - Fernando Pierrard


Area Managers

Wines and drinks


Jaime Fernández

Asia/Manager China

José Iñiguez

Spain Horeca

Javier Segarra

Spain Key Accounts

Rafael Magallón

Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Jörg Herlyn

Asia Pacific

Billy Yeong

China, Hong Kong and Taiwan

Jonathan Liu - Vivian Wen -

United Kingdom, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, France, Italy and Portugal

Maarten Van Dam

Travel Retail Manager

Marie-Gladys Descamps

Mexico and Latin America

Marte Salazar Miranda

Russia, Eastern Europe and Scandinavia

Vladislav Shaposhnikov
Iberian Products

Spain Sales

Javier Herrero

International Director

René Lemée


Javier Herrero. Director Comercial


Ricardo Palomo

United Kingdom

José Sol

Switzerland, Russia, Germany and Scandinavia

Félix Barón


Olivier de Basquiat

Japan, Korea, Singapore

Billy Yeong


Gonzalo Pierrard - René Lemée - Emily Li

Mexico and Latin America

Miguel Durán


Carlos Marquina - Joseba Castaños

Travel Retail Manager

Marie-Gladys Descamps

Other countries

René Lemée

Press room

Bodegas Osborne wins a gold medal at the prestigious International Wine Challenge Merchant Awards

El Puerto de Santa María, 17th October 2017 Bodegas Osborne has achieved the highest recognition at the International Wine Challenge Merchant Awards. At these international awards, the shop at Bodega de Mora winery, in El Puerto de Santa Maria, was awarded the ‘Best Winery Shop’ prize. The award ceremony took place last night during a gala dinner at the Palacio de las Alhajas, with more than 200 participants in the 15 different competition categories.


International Wine Challenge (IWC) boasts more than three decades of history in the UK and has achieved great prestige among producers and experts from all over the world. The recognition of the winners helps the wineries in terms of their local and international marketing efforts and has a very positive impact on the positioning of brands amongst experts and consumers.

The Osborne Foundation organizes a design competition among young students, who will reinterpret the iconic Osborne Bull on its 60th anniversary

El Puerto de Santa María, 27th September 2017. The Osborne Foundation is holding a design competition to pay homage, on its 60th anniversary, to one of the most outstanding icons in the history of graphic design: the Toro de Osborne. The Foundation has proposed that design school students throughout Spain should reinterpret the well-known figure.

The competition is being held in collaboration with the Spanish Network of Design Associations (READ) and has an exceptional organizer: Emilio Gil, Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts in 2015. The competition is aimed at more than 130 Spanish Design Schools and Faculties, whose students will have until 31 October to submit their work. The jury will subsequently study and evaluate all the proposals, and will announce the winner on 20 November.

Nordés bags a double gold medal in the prestigious China Wines and Spirits Awards

El Puerto de Santa María, 14th September 2017. Nordés, the authentic Atlantic Galician Gin, which continues to win over consumers with its fresh and aromatic nature, has been awarded a double gold medal at the prestigious China Wines and Spirits Awards.


CSWA is the largest wine and spirit competition in Hong Kong and China and one of the most influential awards at an international level. In fact, this year it has achieved a new record in terms of entries, showcasing more than 5000 products from all over the world.


The double gold medal is one of the most important awards given out by the jury, just behind the grand trophy which, this year, did not go to any brand in the gin category.

The Osborne Foundation presents the first luminescent motorway toro, made 100% from recycled glass

El Puerto de Santa María, 27th July, 2017. The Osborne Foundation is celebrating the 60th anniversary of its Toro alongside Spain's motorways. To commemorate this day, the Toro de Osborne has a new "motorway eco-board" in El Puerto de Santa María, its home town. This new board will shine with its own light to raise citizens' awareness of the importance of recycling glass. The board has the same characteristics as the other motorway boards -14 metres high and weighing 4,000 kilos- but it includes a new feature that rejuvenates it, as it is made from 300kg of glass recycled by the town's citizens, thanks to the participation of Ecovidrio.

Chairman of the Osborne Foundation, Tomás Osborne, pointed out that: "The Toro de Osborne celebrated its fiftieth anniversary with a charity element. Now it is celebrating its sixtieth with the promotion of sustainability. Without doubt, our motorway boards are a contemporary symbol that changes with the times".

The taste of Cinco Jotas to pervade at Pedro Subijana’s new Akelarre hotel in San Sebastián

San Sebastian, 10 July 2017 - The prestigious Michelin three-star chef Pedro Subijana opens the doors of his new hotel Akelarre this month, a luxury establishment next to his award-winning restaurant. To celebrate the opening, the hotel will offer a fitting gastronomic experience during the month of July. Its first guests will be able to savour the delicious Cinco Jotas, paired with Don Pérignon, an unparalleled gastronomic luxury to enjoy in this exceptional location in San Sebastián, located at the top of mount Igueldo, with breathtaking sea views.

Ampersand invites you to discover the infinite power of mixing

Madrid, 16th June 2017. Ampersand, the London Dry Gin by Osborne, has launched a new major Premium, Ampersand Strawberry, a new gin made from juniper berries and strawberries from southern Spain that stands out for its slightly citrus and sweet nuances. Designed to conquer the most demanding palates, Ampersand Strawberry stands out for its balanced formula that makes it an especially versatile gin, perfect for mixing with any type of soft drink or fruit juice, in keeping with new trends. A gin created for young people between 20 and 30 who are increasingly attracted to gin, not only mixing it with tonic, but with a wide selection of different mixers.


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Osborne Communications Manager
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