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Board of Directors

Mr. Tomás Osborne Gamero-Cívico,
Honorary President and Executive Officer
Mr. Ignacio Osborne Cólogan,
Ms. Sofía Osborne Coloma,
Mr. Enrique Osborne Sanz-Magallón,
Director and Vice-Secretary
Mr. Fernando Terry Osborne,
Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Francisco Ballester Almadana,
Mr. Fernando Osborne Blanco,
Mr. Rafael Osborne Fernández,
Ms. Blanca Osborne Fernández de Peñaranda,
Mr. Jorge Osborne Cólogan,
Ms. Beatriz Osborne Osborne,
Ms. Adela Lario Rivas,
Non-board member secretary

Management Committee


Chief Executive Officer - Fernando Terry Osborne

Manager of Finance and Expansion - Bernardino Rodríguez

Manager of Iberia Products Business Unit - Bernardino Rodríguez

International Manager of Drinks and Wines - Alvaro Lapetra

Manager of New Business and Corporate Communication - Juan Alegría

Manager Legal Affairs - Adela Lario

Manager of HR, Purchases and Logistics - Andrés Velasco

Manager of Internal Audit - Fernando Pierrard


Area Managers

Wines and drinks


Jaime Fernández

Asia/Manager China

José Iñiguez

Spain Horeca

Javier Segarra

Spain Key Accounts

Rafael Magallón

Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Jörg Herlyn

Asia Pacific

Billy Yeong

China, Hong Kong and Taiwan

Jonathan Liu - Vivian Wen -

United Kingdom, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, France, Italy and Portugal

Maarten Van Dam

Duty Free, Africa and Middle East

Álvaro Lapetra

Mexico and Latin America

Marte Salazar Miranda

Russia, Eastern Europe and Scandinavia

Vladislav Shaposhnikov
Iberian Products

Spain Sales

Javier Herrero

International Director

René Lemée


Javier Herrero. Director Comercial


Ricardo Palomo

United Kingdom

Ángel Barriopedro

Switzerland, Russia, Germany and Scandinavia

Félix Barón


Olivier de Basquiat

Japan, Korea, Singapore

Billy Yeong


Gonzalo Pierrard - René Lemée - Emily Li

Mexico and Latin America

Miguel Durán


Carlos Marquina - Joseba Castaños

Duty Free

Álvaro Lapetra

Other countries

René Lemée

Press room

Osborne holds its General Assembly of Shareholders, marking the approval of 2016 financial statements and the appointments at the y top management

El Puerto de Santa María, 8th May 2017. Osborne just held its General Assembly of Shareholders at which the 2016 profit and loss statement was approved.

In 2016, the company achieved 216 million euros in net sales and an EBITDA of 36.3 million euros. In comparison to the previous financial year, Osborne has seen its EBITDA increase by 2% thanks to a focus on its most important own brands, namely Cinco Jotas, Carlos I, Nordés Gin and Montecillo, which has been able to compensate for the loss in turnover caused by the ending of Monster Energy Drink distribution contract.

In the words of Tomás Osborne, ‘our financial results in 2016 are a consequence of our focus on our own strategic brands. This is allowing us to strengthen our company and increase its potential for growth’.

Tomás Osborne Gamero-Cívico, up until now President of Osborne, has been appointed Honorary President of Osborne and will continue as President of the Osborne Foundation.

Ignacio Osborne Cólogan is the new President of the Board of Directors and Fernando Terry Osborne will replace him as Chief Executive Officer.

The Toro de Osborne will form the entrance to El Puerto de Santa María’s fair for the next two years

El Puerto de Santa María, 20th April 2017. The Toro de Osborne will once again form the entrance to El Puerto de Santa María’s fair. El Puerto de Santa María council and the Osborne Group have reached an agreement whereby, for the next two years, the fair's entrance will once again feature a replica of this famous figure which is scattered along Spain’s motorways.

The largest Toro de Osborne in history, it will be the undisputed centrepiece of the Las Banderas fair park, where the Feria de la Primavera y Fiesta del Vino Fino will begin on the 24th of May. At 22 metres high, 22 metres wide, and lit by 20,000 low energy consumption LED bulbs, the Toro’s impressive silhouette will welcome locals and visitors at the fair's main entrance.

Carlos I Imperial takes gold at the 2017 World Spirits Award

Puerto de Santa María, 18th April 2017. Carlos I Imperial has recently been awarded a gold medal at the prestigious World Spirits Award 2017 ceremony, which took place last month (March) in Austria. This Osborne brandy achieved an extraordinary 96 points out of 100. The score was based on aroma, taste and the overall balance of the product.

The World Spirits Award prides itself on recognising quality products from around the world, valuing both origin and tradition. The competition is endorsed by an experienced tasting jury composed of a series of top-level tasters, which includes both distillers and industry experts with great sensory qualities.

The Osborne Foundation and the Santa María la Real Foundation reach a collaboration agreement

El Puerto de Santa María, 4th April 2017. The agreement, which was put into effect at the Cádiz headquarters of the Osborne Foundation, lays the foundations for collaboration between the two entities.  It establishes, for example, that the Osborne Foundation will support the Santa María la Real Foundation’s ‘Lanzaderas de Empleo’ unemployment programme.

The agreement is a strategic one for both entities as it lays the foundations for establishing projects and joint initiatives not only in employment and entrepreneurship, but also in study, restoration, conservation, and the dissemination of cultural heritage.

Tomás Osborne declared that “the Osborne Foundation is proud to have reached this agreement with the Santa María la Real Foundation, an organisation that for decades has carried out extraordinary work in society, and we will be working closely with them in the future”.

The Osborne Foundation welcomes the first “Employment Launch Pad” organised by the Santa María La Real Foundation in El Puerto de Santa María

El Puerto de Santa María, 28 March 2017. To mark the culmination of the first “Employment Launch Pad” held in El Puerto de Santa María, the Osborne Foundation wished to lend its support to this Santa María La Real Foundation’s initiative through a workshop involving the 20 launch pad participants, local businesses and institutions and Osborne’s Communications Group and Human Resources departments.

Present at the welcoming ceremony were David de la Encina, Mayor of El Puerto de Santa María, Gabriel Barba of the Telefónica Foundation, Nuria Campón of the Santa María la Real Foundation and Tomás Osborne, President of the Osborne Foundation.

With its contribution to the Puerto de Santa María Launch Pad, the Osborne Foundation continues pursuing one of its major goals: the training of young people geared towards improving their employability and entrepreneurial capabilities.

Telefónica and the Osborne Foundation unveil a research and innovation project carried out by young people

El Puerto de Santa María, 21 March 2017. The Osborne Foundation and Telefónica, as part of its Talentum initiative, present a project to restore the historical archives belonging to the Osborne family.

As part of the agreement, Telefónica has set up a Talentum LAB comprising 10 young university students reading Engineering, History, Computing and other disciplines, chosen from the most outstanding students of their years, to research and develop new digital technologies enabling the management and consultation of historical documents.

For its part, the Osborne Foundation has provided the project with a range of material and human resources, and in particular its private archive – highlights of which include letters written by Washington Irving and Fernán Caballero, commercial correspondence with European royal households and institutions such as the Vatican and other documents that form part of the history of Osborne, the second-oldest family business in Spain, founded in 1772.


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